• Stunning skull pillar candles featuring intricate patterns, the perfect addition to your shelves!
    These skulls come in a range of colours and will be updated regularly. All skulls are individually made (using our coconut and rapeseed wax!) so no two skulls will be the exact same shade, making each one wonderfully unique!
    Currently I have two candles which did not come cleanly out of the mould. These are on sale at a discounted price. The damage is purely asthetic and will not affect the burn.
    Skulls contain approximately 200g of wax and measure around 7cm in height.
    Please note the wax is unscented.
    It can also be fragile around the eye sockets, you may notice small holes or chips where the wax has broken off, this will not affect the burn.
    Take care when burning, be sure to burn your candle on a heat resistant surface, preferably containing a lip as wax will drip from the skull as it melts. This is most apparent as the candle nears the end of its burn time and the integrity of the candle is at its weakest.

    Rainbow Skull Pillar Candle