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Our Wonderful Wax

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All of our candles are made with a blend of coconut and soy wax. So why choose cocosoy for your bookish candles?

Cocosoy is great for holding fragrances which means you'll get a great hot and cold throw. Whether you burn your candles or save them, the cocosoy blend ensures they'll scent your room regardless. It also burns cleaner and slower than pure soy, this means your candles will last even longer! 

From book lover to candle maker...

Ever since I can remember, I have been a reader. Some of my favourite childhood memories are of going to bookstores and discovering new worlds to get lost in.

I have also always loved to create - drawing, painting, making I don't mind the medium. So when I discovered candle making a few years ago, I was hooked and Ember Stag Candles was born! Since our creation in 2019, I have expanded the collection to include wax melts and burners, themed boxes and mini sets.   

After much experimenting, I found that coconut soy wax is the perfect base for our container candles. Not only does it give an amazing hot and cold scent throw, it holds colours brilliantly and also burns cleaner and longer than regular soy which means you’ll get more from your candle!

Our melts and pillar candles are made using coconut rapeseed wax, again chosen for its ability to hold both scent and colour incredibly well as well as being both vegan and a more eco friendly alternative to paraffin or soy wax.

I proudly keep the business as eco friendly as possible, recycling packing materials where I can and choosing recyclable or biodegradable materials.

I am a one woman show and do everything myself from designing labels, making the candles and packing orders to running the website, keeping track of finances and stock. I am also lucky enough to have an incredible family, people who support me, do post office drop off runs, cut labels and babysit! 

Thank you for visiting our website, for supporting my dream and keeping Ember Stag Candles going!

- Holly

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