Frequently asked questions

Why does my candle have little white marks in it?

This is what’s called frosting and happens sometimes in soy wax candles. It’s nothing to worry about and doesn’t effect the candles burn or scent throw in any way. With the blend of coconut and soy I use, frosting should be reduced.

Why is the scent stronger on some candles?

Coconut soy wax has a limit on the amount of fragrance it can hold and some fragrances are naturally stronger than others. Wax has a limited on the amount of fragrance it can hold, if you add too much the fragrance can leak out. I use the maximum amount of fragrance the wax can hold but unfortunately some candles do have a more subtle scent than others.

Why is my candle sweating?

If you notice tiny droplets on the top of your candle, it could be that the wax is ‘sweating’ out the fragrance. This can happen if the candle has experienced temperature fluctuations. Dab the top of the candle dry and it should be safe to light however if you have any concerns refrain from lighting the candle

My candle has glitter, botanicals or crystals on top, is it safe to light?

I add both glitter, botanicals and sometimes crystals to most of my candles, these (especially the botanicals and crystals) are very easy to remove before lighting, which I suggest doing. If you do decide to leave them on top, it is even more important to reach a full melt pool when burning.
It is also important to never leave a candle burning unattended and to never burn for more than 4 hours (7oz candles) or 2-3 hours (4oz candles) at a time!

My candle has a charm and paper quote attached, is it safe to light?

Yes! The quote and charm are easily removed by untying the twine however if you do choose to leave them attached while burning please ensure the paper and twine are as far from the flame as possible.

Why hasn’t my order been dispatched?

I aim to ship all candles within 2-3 weeks however, I also have a young toddler, part-time job, dog, and family as well as this candle business and sometimes life prevents candles being shipped. If there are any delays, I will always be in touch as soon as possible or if you have any questions about dispatch simply send me a message. I’m really nice and will respond quickly 😁

Wholesale availability

I do accept wholesale orders. Pop over to my store policy page for more information!

Custom and personalised orders

I do offer custom and personalised orders. However, I ask that you be patient with me as they do take a lot longer to make as everything is designed from scratch with you!
I also only offer fragrances and charms which I already have in stock or know I can use for other candles.
Just send me a message and we can discuss options!

What if I don’t want a bookish label on my candle?

That’s completely fine! I can send your candle with no label at all or can add a different label. Just message me and we can discuss options!

Why does my candle have cracks or holes in it?

This again is something which can happen with cocounut soy wax candles. As the wax dries it can sometimes crack or small sink holes can appear in top. I do my best to avoid this and to repour any candles with significant sink holes. However some may still have small holes or cracks on top. They do not affect the candle in any way and simply make each candle unique!

Do you offer tracked shipping?

Yes! There is the option to select standard or tracked shipping on all orders. If you are in the US or Australia, don't panic, your order will automatically have tracked shipping!

Got another question?

Send me a message if you have any questions not answered here!