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  • Our stunning new Lunar Moth candle is the perfect edition to any home. 

    It's 200ml in size, features 3 wood wicks and comes in these beautiful black matte geo jars! It has a beautiful soft floral fragrance of rosewood, neroli, gardenia and amber.

    Each candle will come topped with a unique moth and lapis lazuli crystals. 

    Once burnt the jar can be cleaned gently with warm, soapy water and reused to house jewellery, trinkets or other treasures!


    | Item Details |

    Fragrances: Rosewood, Neroli, Gardenia, Amber

    Candle size: 200ml

    Made with Natural Vegan Coconut Soy Wax

    Approx. 45-60hr burn time

    Jar dimensions : 12.5 cm (W) x 13.5 cm (H) with lid on


    Hand made in the heart of Cannock Chase Forest All jars are reusable and I encourage you to do so! Please stop burning your candle when there is 1/2 inch of wax remaining to ensure the glass does not break. Jars can then be washed using warm, soapy water to remove remaining wax and given a new purpose in life!

    Lunar Moth

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    • | Safety and extra information | 


      All candles are hand-poured by myself and made with 100% high quality, vegan soy wax, eco cotton wick, fragrances and dyes. All candles are CLP compliant and information can be found on the underside of candle lid.


      Coconut Soy wax is environmentally friendly and burns cleaner than other waxes. It is very easy to clean so jars can be kept and reused after use.


      Wet spots, frosting and cracking may occur on candles. This is nothing to worry about and is perfectly natural for candles containing soy wax. It does not affect the scent throw or burn time in any way.


      Always burn on a heat resistant surface, within sight and out of reach of children and pets. 


      Avoid drafts, direct sunlight and vibrations.


      Never burn the candle on or near anything flammable and keep away from foreign objects including matches and wick trimmings.


      Handle with care as the jar and wax may become hot.


      Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm before or after each burn. If you experience any blackness around the jar from soot, please extinguish the candle and allow to cool before wiping around the glass with a cloth.


      Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time


      I recommend allowing your candle to burn until the wax has melted to the edges of the jar during each burn. This will prolong the life of your candle and ensures an even burn. 

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