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ember stag candles - bookish candles

wax Melts, themed boxes

Made for lovers of literature and fantasy 

 coconut SOy Candles

For the candle lovers...

Hand poured, vegan, scented coconut soy candles perfect for

book lovers and hoarders!

Coconut Rapeseed wax melts

Siren Lagoon wax melt snap bar

For the

Highly scented, hand poured coconut rapeseed wax melts which can be paired with our range of wax melt burners!

wonderful wax 

Time Fell in Love with Fate bookish candle

All of our candles are made with a blend of coconut and soy wax. So why choose cocosoy for your bookish candles?

Cocosoy is great for holding fragrances which means you'll get a great hot and cold throw. Whether you burn your candles or save them, the cocosoy blend ensures they'll scent your room regardless. It also burns cleaner and slower than pure soy, this means your candles will last even longer! Click below to learn more about us and our products.


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